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EndWarts® FREEZE is the only home treatment device containing nitrous oxide, which is a very cold gas.

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EndWarts® FREEZE is the only home treatment device containing nitrous oxide, which is a very cold gas.

Ultra Freeze Technology™ ensures the device starts at a very low temperature (-80°C compared with most treatments freezing at -50°C) which is maintained during application, so the deepest layer of the wart can be reached.

A recent clinical study evaluated cryotherapies and found EndWarts® FREEZE to deliver significant results with good tolerability, described as user friendly and effective.1

Due to the temperature of the gas, after just a few seconds of use, the core of the wart will be reached and destroyed. As a result, only one treatment is usually needed and warts should disappear within 14 days.1-2 However, older or larger warts may need more than one treatment, particularly if they are on the soles of the feet.

Uses / Instructions

Before first use:

Screw one full turn until the star is back into the shaded zone, some force is needed. Don’t worry if you turn the star past the shaded zone. EndWarts® FREEZE is now activated.

Then follow these simple steps:

1. Load
Place EndWarts® FREEZE on a flat and stable surface. Hold EndWarts® FREEZE with a steady grip with one hand so it does not slip. With the other hand, push the device downward with enough pressure for 2 long seconds. There should be a hissing sound.

2. Check
Remove the cap. You should see ice vapour. Use the product immediately! If there is no ice vapour, repeat the Load step.

3. Treat
Immediately press the tip of EndWarts® FREEZE firmly against the wart. For best results, the time is crucial. Use a clock or count out loud slowly:

  • 15 seconds on hands, fingers and arms
  • 40 seconds on feet

After treating the wart, put the cap back on and store in a refrigerator.


Do not use EndWarts® FREEZE:

  • On children under the age of four
  • On the face, groin, genitals, scalp or mucosa
  • On healthy skin (skin without warts)
  • On warts located on sensitive skin; take particular care when treating areas of thin skin
  • If the wart and/or surrounding skin is bleeding or open, irritated, itchy, infected or red
  • If you are not sure the growth is a common wart, we recommend seeking professional advice
  • On moles, corns, blisters, other skin defects or anything that might be skin cancer (melanoma)
  • On liquid filled vesicles on the skin (called ‘molluscum contagiosum’) or any other vesicles or blisters.
  • If pregnant or a nursing mother
  • On persons with diabetes and/or problems with blood circulation or blood clotting
  • On multiple warts at the same time if they are located close together. Wait 14 days before you treat the next wart.

Side Effects

• Blisters (possible blood blisters) around the treated area – which
varies from case to case, see Section 2, ‘After using EndWarts
• The skin losing its colour- called “depigmentation”.
• Minor burns and scar formation.
• Risk of skin/nerve damage (in case of overexposure).
• Transient disturbed sensation (tingling, prickling feeling).


One package includes one EndWarts FREEZE cartridge (7,5g
nitrous oxide liq.), a set of 6 disposable tips and one Instruction
for use.


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